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Here we'll review the best free government cell phone 2021. This post will be updated to include the providers who offer free government touch screen smartphones and will list the companies that offer the free government phones by state.

best free government cell phone 2021

Free Government Phones

The free government phone is available through the Lifeline benefit providers and recently almost all of them became approved Emergency Broadband benefit Providers. The combination of the Lifeline and the EBB Programs allows the free government cell phone providers to offer better free service plans and more free government phones.

Lifeline Assistance program
The Lifeline Assistance program is one of the known ways to get free government phones and free cell phone service. To be an accepted Lifeline customer, you need to meet some conditions and restrictions like receiving assistance from a government program like Medicaid or have a proof your total household income is equal to or less than 135% of federal poverty guidelines.

The Lifeline qualification conditions vary by state. To know more about the Lifeline program and how to apply, you may need to visit the Lifeline Assistance programLifeline Assistance program.

FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB)
The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program offers aims to help households in need to pay for the internet service to stay connected. The program temporarily offers one discount per household; the discount is up to $50 monthly discount off the Mobile or home internet. Tribal lands residents can get discount up to $75 per month. Also the program offers up to $100 connected devices discount that allows some approved service providers to offer smartphones, tablet, laptop, or even desktop computers for free or for a low price. To know more about the EBB program and how to apply, you may need to visit the EBB Program benefits.

How to get the best while free government phone offers varies by state
The free government cell phone service that is provided by the same service provider may vary from one state to another. Also, the free government cell phones or smartphones may be available for some states and not available for others. That means the best free government cell phone provider for you may be not the best for other customers in other states. To get the best free government phone, you need to know which providers available in your area and then compare what they offer.

We’ve reviewed some of the leading free government phone providers, you can check them
Who has the best free government phones? Or What companies offer free government cell phones?
Best Free Government Cell Phone 2021
  • Assurance Wireless.
  • Q Link Wireless.
  • SafeLink Wireless.
  • Life Wireless.
  • Standup Wireless.
  • TruConnect.

Free Government Smartphones

How can I get a free government Smartphone? Or How can I get a free government touch screen phones?
If you are qualified for the Lifeline Assistance Program, you can get a free government smartphone with free minutes, texts, and data when you accepted at a Lifeline cell phone providers like QLink Wireless and SafeLink Wireless.

To know about about the California Lifeline providers, check out the best free government cell phone 2021 California.

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