Metro PCS Flip Phones for Seniors - MetroPCS Senior Plans | Deals for Existing Customers 2021

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Metro by T-Mobile (also known as MetroPCS) is a prepaid cell phone provider that offers no-contract phone plans. It uses the T-Mobile network to deliver its wireless services. All MetroPCS cell phone plans are simple and include unlimited talk and text. Here we’re going to review MetroPCS phones for seniors including Metro flip phones for seniors, and Metro plans for seniors 2021. Let's review Metro PCS phones and plans.

Metro by T-Mobile Plans for Seniors 2021

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Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plans

Metro PCS cell phone prepaid plans

At $30
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of high-speed data.
  • Video streaming at DVD quality.
At $40
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of high-speed data.
  • Video streaming at DVD quality.
  • Unlimited music streaming through 40+ music apps.
  • Get a 2GB Mobile Hotspot for $5 per month.
  • Get a $10 discount for each additional line.
At $50
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • 5GB Mobile Hotspot.
  • Google One 100GB backup storage.
  • Video streaming at DVD quality.
  • Get a $20 discount for each additional line.
At $60
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • 15GB Mobile Hotspot.
  • Google One 100GB backup storage.
  • Amazon Prime subscription.
  • Video streaming at DVD quality.
  • Get a $30 discount for each additional line, and 4 lines are currently offered at $120 per month.

Metro by T-Mobile Family Plans

  • You can have up to five lines per account.
  • You $10, $20, or $30 for each additional line, according to the plan you are on.

MetroPCS Deals When You Switch

New customers who switch to Metro PCS, can get the unlimited plan (no hotspot is included) for $40 per month plus a free smartphone. Now you can select from more than ten devices including the Samsung Galaxy A21. Later we will list MetroPCS free phones when you switch.

If you switch and plan to add up to 4 lines to your account, you can get 4 lines for $100 plus 4 smartphones (currently the Samsung Galaxy A01 is the offered phone).

More about MetroPCS Wireless Services

  • Network: T-Mobile Wireless network.
  • You pay $20 per line as one-time activation.
  • 5G speeds need a 5G capable smartphone and are not available in some areas.
  • MetroPCS customers may notice data speeds slower than what T-Mobile customers can get.
  • After 35GB, data speed may be reduced.
  • Taxes and fees are included.

Metro PCS Phones 2021

MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone
  • You can bring your own phone if it is unlocked and compatible with Metro’s network.
  • If you have a compatible phone, you’ll need to purchase the Metro SIM Card for $10.
  • Then you should your Metro SIM Card by calling 1-888-863-8768 or visiting a Metro local store.
  • If you don’ has a compatible phone, you can purchase one from Metro PCS.

Metro by T-Mobile Phones
MetroPCS store has the latest smartphones from brands like Apple, and Samsung. Also, you’ll find devices from brands like LG, Alcatel, and Motorola. Metro PCS offers free smartphones with good deals when you switch (will be listed later). If you're looking for basic Metro PCS phones for seniors, check out the MetroPCS flip phones reviewed below.

Metro PCS Flip Phones for Seniors 2021

Metro PCS Flip Phones for Sale

Does MetroPCS have flip phones? If you are looking for a Metro flip phone for seniors, the Metro store is currently offering the Alcatel GO FLIP 3, which is a 4G LTE flip phone that combines ease-of-use and the smartphone’s essential features.

MetroPCS Flip Phones for Seniors

Alcatel GO FLIP 3 Features
  • Kai OS 2.5
  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth capable.
  • Mobile Hotspot capable.
  • 2.8" primary screen.
  • 1.44" external screen.
  • 2MP rear-facing camera.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible.
  • Quad-core processor.
  • 1,350 mAh battery that stands up to 6.8 hours of talk time.
  • 4GB of internal memory.
  • MicroSD support up to 32GB.
The Alcatel GO FLIP 3 is one of the best flip phones Metro PCS does offer.

Metro PCS phone Deals 2021

Metro PCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers 2021
  • When you add a line, you can get a free smartphone like (OnePlus Nord N100, Samsung Galaxy A12).
  • As a limited time offer and in store only, you can get a 5G smartphone at $29.9. Avilability varies by location and some restrictions may be applied.

  • Metro PCS Free Phones When You Switch
    • OnePlus Nord N100.
    • Moto g play.
    • T-Mobile REVVL 4.
    • T-Mobile REVVL 4 Plus.
    • LG Stylo 6.
    • Moto g stylus.
    • Samsung Galaxy A11.
    • Samsung Galaxy A01.
    • Samsung Galaxy A21.
    • LG K51.
    • Moto e.
    • LG Aristo 5.
    • iPhone 7.
    • LG Stylo 5.
    • Alcatel GO FLIP 3.

    Does MetroPCS have senior plans? Or Does MetroPCS offer 55+ plans?
    MetroPCS doesn't have special cell phone plans for seniors, and there's no MetroPCS 55 and older plan.

    MetroPCS senior discount
    Does MetroPCS offer senior discount?
    MetroPCS doesn't offer discounts for seniors.

    Metro PCS EBB Program Discount

    The Emergency Broadband Benefit program is a government program that offers a $50 monthly discount for eligible households and reaches up to $75 per month for eligible households on Tribal lands. The program benefits are available for a limited time to reduce the impact of the pandemic.

    Who is eligible for the EBB program?
    Lifeline customers are qualified. You can check out the free government cell phones for seniors to know more about the Lifeline program.
    If your household total income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, you're eligible.
    Also, if you meet the eligibility criteria for a participating provider’s existing low income, or the COVID-19 program, you’re also eligible.

    What is MetroPCS EBB discount?
    You get a monthly discount on select MetroPCS mobile or home internet services. The EBB discount is $50/month and is up to $75/month for Tribal lands eligible households.

    How to Apply and get the discount?
    • First, you must confirm your eligibility by applying to
    • Second, you must be on one of MetroPCS plans that are eligible for EBB discount. T-Mobile states that to know these plans, please visit a T-Mobile store, or call the Customer Care.
    • If you’re accepted, you have to complete the Metro PCS enrollment application, you need to visit Metro by T-Mobile EBB aplication.

    Metro PCS Free Government Phone - Lifeline Program
    Does Metro PCS offer Lifeline discount?
    MetroPCS is not participating in the Lifeline Assistance program and doesn't offer free government phones. But Lifeline qualified customers may get a Lifeline free service and a smartphone through Assurance Wireless, which became a part of Metro by T-Mobile. For more information, you can visit Assurance Wireless phones.

    Metro PCS compatible phones?
    Most of the unlocked GSM phones from AT&T and T-Mobile are compatible with MetroPCS.

    Can I put my MetroPCS SIM card in another phone?
    Yes, you can if the phone is unloocked and compatible with MetroPCS network.

    How much does MetroPCS charge to switch phones?
    A $15 plus tax fee to switch to another phone.

    How can I activate a NetroPCS phone without paying?
    the first way is to call Metro PCS customer care and they will activate the phone, the second way is to visit a Metro store.

    MetroPCS customer service number 24/7
    MetroPCS customer service phone number: 1 (888) 863-8768

    MetroPCS phone upgrade
    Can I upgrade my MetroPCS phone? Or When can I upgrade my MetroPCS phone?
    When you make a phone purchase from the MetroPCS store, you get a promotional upgrade every 3 months (means 4 times per year) starting after activating your phone.
    How much is it to upgrade my MetroPCS phone?
    The new phone price plus $10 upgrade fee.

    Where to buy Metro PCS phones?
    You can purchase Metro phones from the Metro Store and many other retail stores like Walmart, or online stores like Amazon, and ebay.

    Samsung cell phones Metro PCS
    • Samsung Galaxy S20.
    • Samsung Galaxy A52.
    • Samsung Galaxy A32.
    • Samsung Galaxy A21.

    LG phones Metro PCS
    • LG Stylo 5.
    • LG Stylo 6.
    • LG Aristo 5.

    What is the network does MetroPcs use?
    T-Mobile wireless, MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile.

    Does MetroPcs offers $15 plan?
    MetroPcs $15 plan
    As T-Mobile, MetroPCS Metro is also offering the same $15 rate for unlimited talk, text, plus 2GB of high-speed data.

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