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Safelink Wireless is a well-known wireless company that provides free government cell phone and cell phone services. Safelink Wireless is owned by Tracfone and offers wireless service through the Tracfone network. It offers free service to more than 2 million customers in more than thirty states. Let’s review the available Safelink free plans, which vary from one state to another, Safelink free phones for seniors and low income, Safelink free unlimited plan (Safelink EBB program plan), and answer questions about Safelink phone replacement.

Safelink Free Phones for Seniors

To get a free cell phone service from Safelink, you must be eligible for the Lifeline government program benefits.

Who is eligible for the Lifeline benefits?
You’re eligible to get free cell phone service if you’re receiving benefits from one or more of the following government assistance programs like
  • Public Housing Assistance.
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
  • Supplementary Security Income (SSI).
  • National School Lunch Program’s Free School Lunch.
  • Supplementary Security Income (SSI).
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Food Stamps.
  • Medicaid.

Also, you can enroll based on your income, if your income is below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. For more information about the Lifeline program, check out the free cell phones for seniors.

What are the SafeLink plans?
Below we’ll review Safelink service plans, free phones, and how to apply for the Lifeline program.

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Safelink Wireless Free Phone Plans

Safelink offers nationwide coverage on 4G LTE capable networks. But to get 4G LTE speed, you must have a 4G LTE capable cell phone and a 4G LTE SIM card.

Below is the common Safelink Wireless free phone plan for eligible customers. What’s offered may differ from one area to another so, you have to find out the available cell phone plan wireless services in your area.

  • Free monthly 350 minutes.
  • Free unlimited texts.
  • Up to Free 4.5GB of high-speed data every month.
Note: Unused minutes and data will not roll over to the next month.

Now Safelink offers the Safelink Wireless unlimited plan, which combines the free Lifeline service and the EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefits) program for low income households.

What does the Safelink Wireless unlimited plan offer?
Safelink Wireless EBB Plan
  • Free Android smartphone.
  • Free unlimited minutes, texts, and data with international calling.
  • Free 10GB to 15GB monthly Mobile Hotspot data (offer varies by state and may not be available for AT&T compatible SIMs).
  • Unlimited international calling to dial up to 15 unique international telephone numbers during a 30-day plan cycle.
  • Video streaming quality is up to 480p.

Who is eligible for the Safelink Free EBB Unlimited plan?

All Lifeline customers are eligible to receive the temporary Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB)and they need to opt-in to enjoy the benefits.

Not a Lifeline benefit participant: 1- You must confirm your eligibility by applying to the EBB Program at For more information about the program, you can check out the EBB benefits program.
2- If you’re accepted, you have to opt-in the Safelink free unlimited plan here.

With Safelink you get popular calling features for free
  • Voicemail.
  • Caller ID.
  • 3-way Calling
  • Free access to 911 services.
  • Free 411 Directory Assistance.

Safelink Wireless provides free service in the following states
Alabama – AL, Arkansas – AR, Arizona – AZ, California – CA, Connecticut – CT, District of Columbia, Delaware – DE, Florida – FL, Georgia – GA, Hawaii – HI, Illinois – IL, Indiana – IN, Iowa – IA, Kansas – KS, Kentucky – KY, Louisiana – LA, Maine – ME, Maryland – MD, Massachusetts – MA, Michigan – MI, Missouri – MO, Mississippi – MS, Nevada – NV, New Hampshire – NH, New Jersey – NJ, New Mexico – NM, New York – NY, North Carolina – NC, Ohio – OH, Oklahoma – OK, Pennsylvania – PA, Puerto Rico – PR, Rhode Island – RI, South Carolina – SC, Tennessee – TN, Texas – TX, Utah – UT, Virginia – VA, Washington – WA, Wisconsin – WI, West Virginia – WV.

SafeLink Add-On Monthly Plans
  • For $15: Unlimited minutes, text, and 1GB of high-speed data.
  • For $20: Unlimited minutes, text, and 2GB of high-speed data.
  • For $30: Unlimited minutes, text, and 6GB of high-speed data.

Does SafeLink offer unlimited data? Or how much is unlimited data for SafeLink?
No, SafeLink doesn’t offer unlimited data.

Can I buy minutes for my SafeLink phone?
You can call Safelink at 1-800-378-1684 and press a few buttons to get your additional minutes.
Featured phone customers can press the Menu key, and then choose Prepaid, then go to "Redeem Airtime" or "Add Airtime" and follow the instruction until you get a Card number or Airtime PIN.

Safelink Phones

Safelink Free Phones for Seniors - Safelink Free Phones 2021

  • You can bring your own smartphone as long as it’s compatible with the Safelink network, which is a GSM network.
  • Most of the unlocked GSM smartphones are compatible.
  • If you bring your phone, you’ll get a free SIM card.
  • You can purchase phones from SafeLink Store.

Safelink Wireless Flip Phones
Currently, the Safelink store offers few flip phone models. You can find flip phones like the Alcatel MYFLIP, and Alcatel Go Flip3.

SafeLink flip phones

You can find a handful of flip phones at the SafeLink store. Below is a list of the available flip phones and their prices.
  • Alcatel MYFLIP for $39
  • Alcatel MYFLIP 2 for $39
  • NUU F4L Flip Phone for $69
  • Alcatel Go Flip 3 for $89

Alcatel MYFLIP Features
The Alcatel MYFLIP is a 4G LTE flip phone and offers more than just the basic features. With this phone, you can check your mail, and surf the web at 4G speeds. The phone has a built-in basic camera and 4GB of internal memory. Below are the Alcatel MYFLIP features and specifications.

Safelink phones

  • OS: KaiOS
  • 1.1GHz Quad-Core Processor.
  • 4GB internal memory capacity.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 4G LTE capable.
  • A 2.8-inch QWVGA Display.
  • Built-in 2MP Camera.
  • The battery stands for up to 8 hours of talk time.

Safelink Phones Replacements

SafeLink has a clear phone replacement policy. The policy states that each customer can get one replacement phone if his or her phone is broken or stolen.

How do I replace a broken SafeLink phone? Or can I get a replacement SafeLink phone? Or how do I order a replacement safelink phone online?
To get a replacement phone from Safelink you can Call 800-867-7183 or visit the Tracfone website ( and enter your area’s zip code to get a list of Tracfone phones compatible with the Safelink network. Then you’ve to provide your name, phone number, and serial number for the broken or missing phone. You have the option to keep your phone number or getting a new one.

How often can you get a new SafeLink phone? Or how do I get a new SafeLink phone?
SafeLink states that a stolen or lost phone can be replaced once every 12 months.

Safelink Compatible Phones
Most of the GSM smartphones are compatible with the Safelink network. Below are some of the Safelink compatible phones.
  • Samsung galaxy J3 Luna pro 5.0
  •  ZTE ZFive 2 4G
  • Alcatel IdealXcite
  • LG Rebel 4G
  • ZTE Maven 3

SafeLink Compatible phones at Walmart
  • If you want an Apple device, you may find Tracfone Apple iPhone SE, or Apple iPhone 6S.
  • If you want a Samsung device, you may find Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A10E, TracFone Samsung Galaxy S7, or Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • Also, Tracfone LG STYLO 4 is a SafeLink compatible phone at Walmart.

Do you get a free phone with SafeLink? Or does Safelink give free phones? Or what kind of phone does Safelink send you 2021?
Does SafeLink give free smartphones?
SafeLink offers a free smartphone with a free monthly cell phone plan. The free service plan varies from one state to another and includes unlimited text, 350 minutes, and up to 4.5GB every month.

TracFone SafeLink
Is TracFone and SafeLink the same thing?
Safelink Wireless is like a few other cell phone providers (Net10, Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Simple mobile, and Page Plus) works under Tracfone umbrella. Safelink exclusively focusing on providing free cell phone services for low-income families and individuals.

Walmart Family Mobile SafeLink Benefit

  • The Walmart Family Mobile SafeLink Benefit allows qualifying Lifeline assistance program customers to save $10 or more per month.
  • The Walmart Family Mobile SafeLink Benefit program is not available in Colorado, Alaska, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming, Virgin Islands.
  • The monthly discount varies from one area to another.
  • To get the monthly discount, you must purchase a monthly plan that includes 1000 minutes or 3GB of data as a minimum.
  • The monthly service plan must be purchased at WalmartMoneyCenter,, or by calling 1-877-440-9758
Walmart Family Mobile Service Plan Features
  • No contracts.
  • Nationwide 4G LTE coverage with T-Mobile network.
  • More lines mean more savings.
  • No hidden fees or overages.
  • Bring your own phone (BYOP).

Walmart Family Mobile Plans
All Walmart Family Mobile plans are no-contract plans that include unlimited talk and text, the plans are Mobile Hotspot capable, and you can add lines for $24.88 per line.

For $14.88 instead of $24.88 you get:
  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • 3GB of high-speed data, then 2G speeds.
For $19.88 instead of $29.88 you get:
  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • 5GB of high-speed data, then 2G speeds.
For $29.88 instead of $39.88 you get:
  • Unlimited talk, and text.
  • 14GB of high-speed data, then 2G speeds.
  • For $39.88 instead of $49.88 you get
  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • Unlimited data at high speed.
  • 10GB Mobile Hotspot.
  • Video streams at 480p (DVD quality).

Walmart Family Mobile Phones
You can bring your own phone (BYOP), unlocked T-Mobile devices and most unlocked GSM devices are compatible.

Can I put my SafeLink SIM card in another phone? Or can I transfer my SafeLink service to another phone?
Yes, but you must use a phone that is compatible with SafeLink network.

Who is the carrier for SafeLink?
SafeLink is owned by Tracfone and provides wireless service on Tracfone network.

Can you bring your own phone to SafeLink?
Yes you can but it must be compatiable with SafeLink network.

What is the EBB program with SafeLink?
The Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) offers new benefits through many phone and internet like Safelink Wireless. With Safelink eligible households can get fREE monthly plan that includes unlimited talk, text, data, plus up to 15GB Mobile hotspot and unlimited international calling.

Is SafeLink really free?
SafeLink offers qualified Lifeline benefit participants a free smartphone or SIM Card along with free monthly service plan that includes minutes, texts, and data (offer varies by state).

What network does SafeLink wireless use?
Safelink Wireless uses the AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon wireless networks.

Safelink Free Tablet
Safelink doesn't offer free tablets.

Safelink free government phone
What kind of smartphone does SafeLink give you?
Safelink government phone
Safelink offers phones from several brands like Nokia, Motorola, LG, and Kyocera. The phone you recieve depends on the availability.

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