AT&T 55+ Plan - AT&T Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2020

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AT&T offers new unlimited for seniors called AT&T 55 plus plan. The new plan has some restrictions and is available in specific areas. Here we’ll review the plan features and restriction. Basic phone users still can get the old AT&T senior nation 200 plan. AT&T senior plans 2020 became suitable for both basic and smartphone users. Check out AT&T cell phone plans for seniors' features and pricing.

AT&T enior plan - AT&T 55 plus plan

AT&T cell phone plans for seniors 2020

AT&T Unlimited 55+ Plan

The new AT&T 55+ is a new AT&T senior discount plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and data for a lower price than AT&T unlimited standard plans. With this plan, you get the first line for $60 per month or get two lines for $80 per month after enrolling in auto-pay and paperless bill discounts.
Currently, AT&T 55 plus plan is only available for customers who live in Florida.
  • Taxes and fees not included.
  • Data speeds may temporarily be reduced at peak times.

AT&T unlimited 55 Plus Plan Price
  • 1 line for $60 per month.
  • 2 lines for $80 per month.
  • To get these prices you must enroll in auto-pay and paperless bill discounts.
You have to know that, you should pay the standard plans monthly charges and per-device access charges before the discount starts within 2 billing cycles.

Who can get the AT&T 55+ plan?

This plan is only for customers who are 55 years old and over and have a Florida billing address.
To get this plan you must visit your local AT&T store to prove your age and address, since this plan not available online.

  • You must have one or two phones on your AT&T account.
  • Only the account owner should be age 55 and over.
  • This plan doesn’t include Mobile Hotspot.

AT&T Senior Plan

Here we preview the famous AT&T senior plan called the AT&T senior nation 200. This AT&T senior plan is a popular cell phone plan for seniors offered by one of the major, reliable nationwide cell phone providers. This plan is targeted the 65 years old and older citizens and offers a low price talking plan which can be extended to contain a separate text plan or data plan or both if needed. We will discuss the talk, message, and data plan features and fees.

AT&T Plans for Seniors 2020

Below we are discussing all the available AT&T senior nation 200 showing the talk, text and data plans, pricing.

Talk Minutes - AT&T Plans for seniors

The AT&T senior plan is a two years contract plan, available for 65 years and older people; from its name, it offers 200 anytime minutes for $29.9 per month

AT&T Senior Nation 200 Messages Plan
  • You can get unlimited text messages for $20 per month or pay 20 cents per message, 30 cents per multimedia message.
  • Also, you can get an international message plan to more than 200 countries for $10 per month.

AT&T Senior Nation 200 Data Plan
  • AT&T senior nation 200 data plans start as little as $25 for 2 GB a month; the data overage fee is $10 per GB.
  • For heavy internet users who like music and video streaming it is preferred to go for the 4.5 GB plan for only $45 per month, the data overage fee is $10 per GB.

With the AT&T Wireless plan for seniors, you will pay $36 one time activation fee, the cancellation fee is $325.

AT&T Family Plan

Another option available from AT&T Wireless that can help seniors to save money is the family plans. Family plans allow adding extra lines for a reduced cost. Family or shared plans are a good option to consider by senior citizens and the AT&T Family Plan is recommended for seniors if available, particularly for seniors who use smartphones it will be more affordable.

AT&T Cell Phones for Seniors

Even though the big AT&T cell phone collection, senior citizens, or anyone looking for AT&T basic cell phones will be disappointed. AT&T doesn’t offer senior cell phones, but it has the AT&T LGb470, which has some good features that can fit some of the senior citizens and can be considered as the best AT&T flip cell phone for seniors also we'll review the ZTE Z222.

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AT&T LGb470 Cell Phone Review

The LGb470 is the best basic cell phone for senior citizens offered by AT&T Wireless. It’s a flip designed phone that comes with an additional display to view notifications and has the enhanced senior audio mode, which can help seniors who encourage hearing difficulties. The text messages to speech is another feature that can help seniors who have seeing problems.

AT&T 55+ plan
LGb470 Cell Phone Features
  • 2.2-inch display screen.
  • External display to view notifications.
  • Enhanced Senior audio mode.
  • Text messages to speech capability.
  • Basic built-in camera.
  • Supports Bluetooth.

ZTE Z222 flip phone

The ZTE Z222 is an AT&T flip phone that comes with an external display to view notifications. It doesn't offer special features for seniors but it still one of the fewest options available for senior citizens who don't need smartphones and are looking for AT&T basic flip phones.

ZTE Z222 Cell Phone Features
  • 2.2-inch display screen.
  • External display to view notifications.
  • Basic built-in camera.
  • Supports Bluetooth.
  • Supports Standard SIM Card slot.

That was a detailed preview for the available AT&T senior plans 2020. The AT&T 55 plus plan is the best option for smartphone senior users and the AT&T senior 200 plan is another AT&T senior discount plan and is for basic cell phone users.

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