AARP Jitterbug - Jitterbug Phones for AARP Members

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Many questions about AARP and Jitterbug phones. So, here we will answer some of these questions such as:
  • Are there any available Jitterbug Phones for AARP Members?
  • AARP Jitterbug discounts?
  • AARP Jitterbug smartphone for seniors?

Jitterbug Phones for AARP Members

Let’s start by talking about GreatCall
GreatCall is a company that focuses on the senior’s wireless market. It provides the Jitterbug phones (the Jitterbug Flip and the Jitterbug Smart2 ) plus many healthcare devices for senior citizens.
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Also, GreatCall is the Jitterbug wireless service provider. It’s a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) that uses the Verizon Wireless network to deliver the service.
GreatCall offers no-contract prepaid phone plans with nationwide coverage, the plans start as low as $14.99 per month.
Jitterbug phones not only provide reliable connectivity through Verizon’s network but they are loaded with safety and healthcare applications, which makes them the best choice for seniors, especially for senior citizens who live alone.

Jitterbug Phones for AARP Members ?

GreatCall offers an exclusive discount for AARP members
Lively AARP member plan discountS
AARP members can now save $60 per year on the Preferred and Ultimate Health & Safety Packages when purchase either the Lively Mobile Plus or Lively Wearable2, you must call 866-244-6652.

Now the answer for the most asked questions, does AARP offer any Jitterbug phones for AARP members? And the answer is, at the current time there are no AARRP Jitterbug cell phones for seniors or AARP Jitterbug smartphones. The only AARP Jitterbug discounts is Lively AARP member health and safety plans discount.

The AARP organization always recommends the Jitterbug applications, which are designed by GreatCall, and work with the Jitterbug phones to help and monitor seniors. Also, the AARP magazine recommends the Jitterbug Smart as the best choice for seniors who need a smartphone.

AARP Jitterbug

AARP formerly the (American Association of Retired Persons), is a U. S. based membership and interest group. The organization was founded in 1958 and aims to guide and help senior citizens by providing discounts in many fields for AARP members and recommending other products and services with good values to the seniors and people over 55 years old. AARP recommended the Jitterbug applications, phones, and smartphones through the AARP selection magazine and didn't provide any discounts on the Jitterbug phones or plans.

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