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Tracfone is a prepaid wireless phone service provider that uses the four major wireless networks to deliver wireless services. Tracfone offers low rate plans which, are suitable for senior citizens who need good coverage and plans with long service days (up to 365 days of service days). Here we’re going to review Tracfone phone plans for seniors in 2021 and Tracfone phones for Seniors.

Tracfone Plans for Seniors

Tracfone at a glance

  • Tracfone is one of the large cell phone providers in the United States.
  • It owns many network operators like Straight Talk, Net 10, Total Wireless, and Simple Mobile.
  • It provides nationwide coverage through the four major wireless networks.
  • The network you use depends on the area where you live and the type of the phone you get.
  • It focuses on moderate phone users, usually 55 years old and above.
  • Plans come with service days ranging from 30,60,90 and up to 365 days.
  • Unused minutes, service days, and data rollover as long as you keep your service active.
  • Recently added new unlimited talk and text plans with specific amounts of data.
  • Tracfone offers prepaid cell phone plans with no contract, no activation fees, no monthly bill, no overage fees, and no cancellation fees.
  • Tracfone flip phones are an excellent choice for those who are looking for simplicity and a highly affordable price.

Tracfone Plans for Seniors

Tracfone offers two types of Pay As You Go plans and recently added monthly unlimited plans for smartphone users.

Tracfone Pay As You Go Plans

Seniors who use basic phones will find cheap talk only plans that start as little as $10 per month for 30 any-time minutes. Starting from $20 per month you can get plans with 90 days of service. Tracfone yearly plans start as low as $100 for 400 minutes and considered cheap Tracfone plans that can save you money.

Any call placed or received will be deducted from your plan and the same for any incoming or outgoing texts. You can save 10% on select plans if you set your account to auto-refill. Both the unused minutes and service days roll over after adding a new airtime card. The below table shows all the talk plans.

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Tracfone Talk Plans for Seniors
Plan Minutes
Services days
Plan Cost
30 minutes
30 service days
60 minutes
90 service days
120 minutes
90 service days
200 minutes
90 service days
450 minutes
90 service days
400 minutes
365 service days
1000 minutes
365 service days
1500 minutes
365 service days

Tracfone Smartphone Plans for Seniors

Tracfone offers different combinations of talk minutes, texts, and data that are suitable for smartphone users. The plans contain small data packages and leak the unlimited option but have long service days. The available Tracfone year plan for smartphones costs $125 for 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, 1.5GB of data.

If you are looking for Tracfone unlimited plans for seniors, it’ll be covered below in the monthly plans section. The below table shows all the smartphone plans.

Plan Details Services days Plan Cost
200 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB 
30 service days
300 minutes, 1,000 texts, 1GB 
30 service days
500 minutes, 1,000 texts, 500MB 
60 service days
750 minutes, 1,000 texts, 1GB 
60 service days
750 minutes, 1,000 texts, 1.5GB 
90 service days
750 minutes, 1,000 texts, 2GB 
90 service days
1,500 minutes, 1,500 texts, 1.5GB 
365 service days

Tracfone Monthly Plans

  • These plans are only available with a smartphone.
  • All monthly plans include unlimited talk and text plus a specific amount of data.
  • Unused data rollover (will not expire ) as long as the service is active and in use with a monthly plan.
  • These plans do not triple.

Below is the list of Tracfone Unlimited plans for Seniors
  • Unlimited talk, text plus 1GB of data for $20 per month
  • Unlimited talk, text plus 2GB of data for $25 per month
  • Unlimited talk, text plus 3GB of data for $30 per month

Tracfone with Triple Minutes
Many questions about Tracfone flip phones with triple minutes so, we’ll cover this. Tracfone minutes deals offer customers double or triple the airtime card value for life when a new phone is activated. This offer became available to certain phones and most of the latest phones don’t have the triple minutes deal.

Tracfone Add-ons
Tracfone offers service add-ons for customers who need to get additional minutes, texts, data, or even making international calls.
  • $10 international long distance: You can call almost anywhere in the world at low rates.
  • $10 for an additional 500 minutes.
  • $10 for an additional 1GB of high-speed data.
  • $5 for an additional 1000 texts.

Tracfone Phones for Seniors

Tracfone sells its own branded phones, which are locked to work only on its network. Tracfone store has mid-range devices from Samsung, LG, ZTE, and Motorolla. It doesn’t offer the latest smartphones from Apple and Samsung. Also, the store stocks Tracfone flip phones, which are highly recommended for seniors because of their simplicity, affordable prices, and good Tracfone deals.
If you need a cheap smartphone, Tracfone cheap smartphones starting from $10. If you’re looking for an iPhone device, the iPhone 8 is the newest model available in the Tracfone store.

You can Bring Your Own Phone in case you didn’t find the phone you want in the store, or you already have a compatible one.

Tracfone flip phones for seniors

Tracfone Flip Phones 2021
Tracfone offers easy-to-use flip phones for seniors such as the Doro 7050, LG CLASSIC Flip, ZTE Z233, and the ALCATEL MY FLIP 2. Some Tracfone flip phones are usually offered in combination Double or even Triple minutes deals.

Let’s preview one of the best Trac phones for seniors, which is ALCATEL MY FLIP 2.

The ALCATEL MY FLIP 2 is a cheap Tracfone flip phone that is offered for $20 with any plan from Tracfone. Below are the features and specifications of one of the easy-to-use Tracfone flip phone for seniors.

Tracfone flip phones for seniors

  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi capable.
  • Comes with a 2.8-inch primary display and 1.44-inch external display.
  • 4 GB internal memory storage that can be extended to up to 32 GB by an external Micro SD card.
  • Preloaded with calendar, web, E-mail and Google Assistance app.
  • Has a 2MP camera.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible.
  • An external SOS button.
  • Comes with a Lithium-ion battery that stands up to 6.8 hours of talk time.
Note: The reconditioned version of Alcatel MY FLIP 2 is now available for $4.99 and is the cheapest Tracone phone yo can get.

Tracfone ZTE Z233 VL
The ZTE Z233 VL is a Tracfone 4g flip phone that is designed by ZTE and is offered for $9.99 with any plan from Tracfone. It has an external display and comes with a 2 MP camera with recording capability. With this compact phone, you can answer a call with a simple flip. It has all the essentials you need. Below are the features and specifications of The ZTE Z233 VL.
Tracfone phones for seniors

ZTE Z233 VL Features:
  • Technology and Band: LTE/CDMA.
  • It comes with 64k colors Display.
  • Up to 4GB internal memory storage.
  • Supports 4G LTE speeds.
  • Has a 2MP camera with video recording capability.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible(M4/T4).
  • It has a 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery and stands for up to 8 hours of talk time.

Also, the ZTE Z232 TL, which is one of the best Tracfone for seniors who need a cheap flip phone and has almost all the ZTE Z233 VL specifications and price. ZTE Z232 TL works with the GSM networks. So, this phone is one of the Tracfone flip phones that work with the AT&T network or T-Mobile network.

Recommended: AT&T Standard Plans.

Tracfone LG CLASSIC Flip
The LG CLASSIC Flip is a Tracfone 4G LTE flip phone that offered for $39.99 with any basic plan. This simple flip phone has an SOS key to call the emergency contacts when the key pressed three times. This is a safety feature that many senior citizens should consider when choosing their phones. Below are the features and specifications of one of the LG CLASSIC Flip.

Tracfone for seniors
LG CLASSIC Flip Features:
  • The phone supports CDMA Technology.
  • It comes with a 2.8-inch QVGA display.
  • 0.9-inch External Display.
  • Has 8 GB internal memory storage.
  • Supports 4G LTE speeds.
  • Has a 2MP fixed focus camera.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible (T4).
  • Emergency call key on the phone back.
  • It has a 1470mAh Lithium-ion battery and stands for up to 6 hours of talk time.

This is the best LG Tracfone flip phone for seniors because it has the emergency call button, which is an essential feature for a senior flip phone. The LG CLASSIC Flip is one of the Tracfone flip phones that work with the Verizon network or Sprint network.

Tracfone Doro 7050
The Doro 7050 is a specially designed flip phone for seniors. It has many senior-friendly and safety features. It has a clear screen, a well-spaced keypad, big fonts, and an emergency call button. This Tracfones for seniors is offered for $49.99. Below are the features and specifications of the Tracfone Doro 7050.

best Tracfone phones
Doro 7050 Features:
  • The phone supports GSM Technology.
  • It comes with a 2.8-inch internal display.
  • External Display.
  • Has 4 GB internal memory storage.
  • Supports 4G LTE speeds.
  • Has a 3MP camera with recording capability.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible.
  • The emergency call button on the phone back.
  • It has a 1350mAh Lithium-ion battery and stands for up to11 hours of talk time.

The Doro 7050 is one of the best Tracfone phones that can work with AT&T network or T-Mobile network.

Where to buy Tracfone flip phones
At the time of writing this article, if you are planning to buy any of the previously reviewed phones, you can visit the Tracfone store and select the phone you like, and continue the purchase online. If your desired phone is out of stock, you can visit any online stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Dollar General, or Amazon.

Tracfone phones at Walmart
Below is a list of some available Tracfone phones at Walmart
Tracfone for seniors Walmart
  • Tracfone Motorolla e6
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna pro
  • Samsung Galaxy 9+
  • LG Stylo 5
  • LG Premier Pro
  • TCL A2

Jitterbug Tracfone
Does Tracfone have Jitterbug phones?
We received many queries about Tracfone Jitterbug in questions like can Jitterbug phone be used with Tracfone?
The answer is no, the Jitterbug phones are locked to only work with GreatCall network.

What we do like about Tracfone
  • Affordable flip phones with good deals.
  • Plans with Long service days for seniors and moderate phone users.
  • Reliable nationwide coverage.

What we don’t like about Tracfone
  • Tracfone customer service is poorly rated.
  • Tracfone store leak the flagship smartphone devices.
  • No plans for users who need unlimited data.
Does Tracfone offer senior discounts?
Tracfone doesn’t offer special discounts for seniors.

Tracfone flip phones for sale

Does Tracfone have a phone for seniors? And what is the easiest Tracfone for seniors?
What is the best Tracfone phones for Seniors?
  • LG Classic Flip.
  • Alcatel MyFlip.
  • Easyfone Prime A1.
  • ZTE Z233.
  • Doro 7050.
  • Alcatel QuickFlip.
  • Alcatel A206G.
  • Ushining Flip Phone 3G.
  • Tracfone Big Easy Plus.

Tracfone compatible phones
  • LG Journey
  • Samsung Galaxy A11
  • Samsung Galaxy A01
  • Galaxy A10e
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit
  • LG Rebel 4
  • Motorola Moto e6
  • Samsung Galaxy A01
  • LG Premier Pro Plus
  • TCL A1X
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10+

What is the easiest Tracfone smartphone for seniors?
  • Apple iPhone SE (2020).
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus.
  • Moto G Play (2021).
  • Samsung Galaxy A11.
  • Samsung Galaxy A51.
  • LG Journey.
  • LG K31 Rebel.

Does TracFone have a Lifeline program?
TracFone is a primary ifeline provider that helps low-income households get affordable wireless service.

Will tracfone flip phones work in 2021?
Tracfone staes that at the end of 2020 all customers will need to have VoLTE compatible devices to place and receive calls.

Does TracFone participate in the EBB program?
Tracfone EBB Plans
The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB Program) is a government program that aims to help low-income households to pay for the free wireless service and stay connected during the COVID-19.

Tracfone eligible customers can apply for the EBB plans, which offer free unlimited talk and text. The data allotment varies by plan and many plans come with unlimited data.

How do I call TracFone customer service?

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