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If you are an AARP member you can get a 10% discount off AT&T cell phone service charges and under the AT&T Signature Program, you can get up to $10 monthly discount per line on a specific AT&T plan. Also, you can get a $100 credit per line when you switch. The discounts are applied to certain plans and with restrictions. Below we’ll discuss all AT&T discount benefits for AARP members, the restrictions, and how to apply? Keep reading to know more about AT&T Wireless discounts.

AT&T AARP Discount

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AARP AT&T Discount

Does AT&T have an AARP discount
Here we talk about the AT&T AARP discount to help senior citizens to save some money as most of them live on a fixed income. AT&T Wireless offers discounts for AARP members; who can verify a valid AARP membership. The discount is a 10% monthly discount on the AT&T cell phone service charges and is applied to the voice and data plans monthly fees and doesn’t apply to:

  • Overages.
  • Unlimited voice plans.
  • Mobile Share plans with data less than 300 MB.
Also, AARP members can get a 15% discount on selected cell phone accessories.

Under the AT&T Signature Program, AARP members can get the following savings

The first option AARP members can save with AT&T
AARP members who switch to AT&T Wireless can receive a $100 credit per line when purchasing a new phone on a qualifying installment plan. AT&T mentions this offer as a limited time offer.

The second option AARP members can save with AT&T
AARP members can save monthly $10 or monthly $5 per line (depending on the number of lines in your account) when purchase the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan, the plan features, and pricing will be reviewed in the enrollment section.

The third option AARP members can save with AT&T
AARP members can save up to $45 on activation and upgrade fees.

AT&T AARP Discount Enrollment - How to Get an AT&T AARP Discount?

How to add aarp discount to AT&T
The first option to get the ATT AARP discount is by enrolling online. You need to log in with your AARP account information.
  • If you’re an existing customer, you’ll be able to enroll directly.
  • If you’re a new AT&T customer, you’ll be directed to the AT&T website to make your purchase then you’ll automatically be enrolled.

The second option to getting the AARP ATT discount is by visiting your nearest AT&T store or authorized retailer with your AARP membership card and mention the AARP AT&T discount code, which is 6039461 to start your enrollment.

It’s preferred to choose a corporate store and make an appointment online or call 888.998.8310 to make your appointment; that will save you some time when you reach your local AT&T store. If you confirm your eligibility, you can get the discount in a period of up to two bill cycles. For more information, you can visit

AT&T Unlimited Elite Plan Review

This plan is the top unlimited plan from AT&T Wireless and allows you to get up to 100GB of high-speed data before AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds. Below are the plan features, pricing, and discounts you can get.

AT&T Unlimited Elite with AARP Discount - What you’ll get?
  • Unlimited talk, text, data at up to 5G speeds.
  • Stream video in HD quality.
  • 30 GB of Mobile Hotspot high-speed data per line, then speed slowed to 128 kbps.
  • Unlimited texting from the United States to more than 120 countries and destinations.
  • After 100GB of high-speed data, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds.
  • HBO MAX included.

  • Get 1 line for $85 per month.
  • Get 2 lines for $75/month per line.
  • Get 3 lines for $60/month per line.
  • Get 4 lines for $50/month per line.

AARP members and eligible AT&T Signature Program customers can get a $10/month discount per line when they have up to 5 lines per account. If the account has more than 5 lines, all the lines will receive a $5/month discount per line. The maximum allowed lines per account are 10.

Also, you can get a monthly $10 discount per line when opting for the autopay and paperless bills.

AT&T Senior Discounts

Besides the ATT AARP discount, AT&T Wireless offers the Nation 200 plans and the AT&T Unlimited 55+ plan as discounted plans for seniors, to know more about AT&T Wireless discounts you can check out these plans at the AT&T senior plans 2021.

AARP is a non-profit organization that aims to help 50 years and older people by highlighting the best services and products. The goal is to help millions of senior citizens to improve their lifestyle. AAPR became a source for promotions and news for seniors. In the cell phone field, you can get AARP discounts from well-known cell phone providers such as Consumer Cellular, and AT&T Wireless. If you are not an AARP member you can visit and get your membership for about $17/year or less if you extended your membership for more than one year.


Do AARP members get a discount with AT&T? Or does AT&T give AARP discounts?
The AT&T AARP discount is provided by agreement between the AARP organization and AT&T Wireless. The discount is only available for AARP members. AARP membership, which costs about $17/year can decrease your AT&T Wireless phone bill, and save you some money. Also, with the AARP membership, you can get valuable discounts from other phone service providers such as Consumer Cellular.

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