Thursday, November 16, 2017

AAA Cell Phone for Seniors

If you’re an AAA member, you can get AAA cell phone discount and reduce your monthly fees. The AAA is the American Automobile Association, Inc., which is a federation of affiliated automobile clubs and each AAA club is an independent, non-profit organization. Below we’ll show you the available AAA cell phone plans, and discounts.

AAA cell phone for seniors

AAA Cell Phone Plans

A company like Affinity Cellular is Cellular offer special designed services and plans for AAA members to allow lower priced talk minutes, text messages, and data.

Affinity AAA Cellular Phones and Plans Summary

  • AAA members can get cheap wireless plans (an average of just $22/ month per line).
  • Affinity Cellular offers no-contract cell phone plans. The company has no termination fee.
  • You have the flexibility to change your plan at any time.
  • All available phones have a lifetime warranty.
  • 45-day Satisfaction money back guarantees.
  • Free calls to AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance.

Sprint AAA Cell Phone Discount

Sprint customers who are AAA members can get discounts on the monthly service charges, cell phone accessories, and get free AAA Classic membership renewals.

Sprint AAA Phones and Plans Benefits Summary

  • Five dollars monthly discount on Unlimited Freedom.
  • 10% monthly discount on data service.
  • 25% discount on cell phone accessories (some brands like Apple and other iconic accessories are excluded from this offer).
  • Free Sprint Family Locator app for up to 5 phones per account.
  • Check out Sprint AARP discount.

Verizon AAA Cell Phone for Seniors

Many are asking about how to get AAA cell phone for seniors or any AAA discount from Verizon Wireless, but Verizon doesn’t offer any AAA cell phone discount.