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If you’re an AAA member, you can get AAA cell phone discounts and reduce your monthly fees. The AAA is the American Automobile Association, Inc., which is a federation of affiliated automobile clubs and each AAA club is an independent, non-profit organization. Below we’ll show you the available AAA cell phone plans and discounts including information about Sprint AAA discount and Verizon AAA discount.

AAA cell phone for seniors

AAA Cell Phone Plans

Affinity Cellular Reviews 2021

Affinity Cellular is a unique wireless provider that offers specially designed services and plans only for AAA members. It offers low rate talk plans, text messages, and data. plus a free flip phone.

Affinity Cellular AAA Phones and Plans Summary
  • AAA members can get cheap wireless plans (an average of just $22/ month per line).
  • Affinity Cellular offers no-contract cell phone plans. The company has no termination fee.
  • You have the flexibility to change your plan at any time.
  • All available phones have a lifetime warranty.
  • 45-day Satisfaction money-back guarantees.
  • Free calls to AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance.

Who is the carrier for Affinity Cellular? Or Affinity Cellular uses what network?
Affinity Cellular operates on the Verizon network as an MVNO and is available exclusively to AAA members.

Is Affinity Cellular any good?
Affinity Cellular operates on Veizon's reliable network, which ensures a good reception and connectivity. It aims to serve a specific group of consumers, which is AAA members. It offers flexible plans that comes with low-rates and also offers a free flip phone along with free calls to AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance.

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Contact Affinity Cellular
Address: 955 Kacena Rd, Hiawatha, IA 52233
Affinity Cellular Phone number: (866) 488-8717

Sprint AAA Cell Phone Discount

Sprint customers who are AAA members can get discounts on most Sprint accessories, and get free AAA Classic membership renewals.

Sprint AAA Phones and Plans Benefits Summary
  1. Sprint Wireless will pay your renewal fees for the AAA Classic or Basic membership if you’ve at least one line on your account that has the Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Premium price plan.
  2. AAA members get up to 25% discounts on cell phone accessories (some brands like Apple, Beats branded accessories, smartwatches, and other iconic accessories are excluded from this offer).
More About Sprint AAA Discount
  • You can register at after activating your Sprint account (within 30 days).
  • The offer is available as long as your Sprint account is active and at least one of your lines is on the Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Premium price plan.
  • If you have the AAA Plus membership or have the AAA Premier membership, Sprint will only apply a credit of the Classic or Basic membership value to your account. That means you’re responsible to pay the remaining balance.
  • You’ll get Sprint AAA credit within 4 to 6 weeks after registration.

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Verizon AAA Discount - AAA Cell Phone for Seniors

Does Verizon give AAA discount?
Many are asking about how to get AAA cell phone for seniors or any AAA discount from Verizon Wireless, but Verizon doesn’t offer any AAA cell phone discounts. But there are different ways to save money with Verizon Wireless. Verizon does offer phone plans for seniors and also offers discounts for employees of many companies that have agreements with Verizon. For more information, you can check out the Verizon wireless plans for seniors and Verizon wireless discounts for retirees.

T-Mobile AAA Discount - AAA Cell Phone Deals

Does T Mobile offer a AAA discount?
T-Mobile got rid of the AAA cell phone discount since 2016.
T-Mobile AAA discount is not available now since T-Mobile no longer has an agreement with AAA to offer discounts or AAA phone service.

AT&T AAA Discount - AAA Cellular

If you’re asking about an AT&T AAA discount, AT&T doesn’t offer any AAA cell phone discounts.

Does AAA offer cell phone discounts?
Yes, some cell phone providers like Affinity Cellular and Sprint offers cell phone discounts and other benefits to the AAA members. Also, With AAA membership you get many ways to save money by getting discounts on many fields such as
  • Auto and home insurance.
  • Hotels reservations.
  • Travel and European vacations.
  • Restaurants.
  • Entertainments: such as concerts, and theaters.
  • Online offers.
  • Stores offer.
  • Sports tickets.
  • AAA Wireless cell phone services.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Up to 45% discounts at over 8000 local and national brands.

More about AAA Membership
The AAA is the American Automobile Association, Inc. and is a federation of affiliated automobile clubs. Each AAA club is an independent, non-profit organization. AAA aims to keep its members safe on the road by offering discounts and deals on many fields as listed above. The AAA basic membership starts at $50 and varies depending on your location, the membership price varies according to your ZIP code. Also, you can get the Plus membership or the Premium membership for higher fees.

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