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The Jitterbug Flip is one of the Jitterbug phones for seniors. the phone is so easy-to-use cell phone for seniors from GreatCall that comes with a larger screen and big buttons, it’s even easier to dial. There’s also a 5star button on the keypad, so you can always get help anytime 24/7. Service starts as low as $14.99 a month, and many health and Medicare services are available.Let's dive in the the Jitterbug Flip reviews

Jitterbug Cell Phones - Jitterbug Flip

Update: Now GreatCall offers 25% discount applies to the Jitterbug phones. You can get the Jitterbug Smart for only $112.5 plus monthly plan and activation instead of $150 and the Jitterbug flip for $75 plus monthly plan and activation instead of $100.

Jitterbug Flip Review

The Jitterbug Flip is extremely simple flip phone for seniors that has external LCD on the front to give you notifications about the incoming texts and calls. The phone comes with a 2 MP camera and LED flashlight. When you open the phone you’ll see a simplified menu interface, the text font is big and is useful for low vision users. The keypad has big buttons, and you mostly navigate through the menu interface with the Yes and No buttons, which are located at the top of the keypad. The Jitterbug Flip has a senior safety button at the bottom of the keypad, with one touch of the 5star button you turn the Jitterbug into a personal safety device. In any unsafe or uncertain situation, you’ll be immediately connected to a highly-trained agent who can verify your location, evaluate the situation and help you to get out of the emergency situation. The Jitterbug Flip doesn’t offer features like internet and email, but it comes with enhanced speaker volume and offers high call quality, and very simple user interface makes it one of the easiest phones for seniors to stay in touch or choose the all-new Jitterbug Smart.

Also, the Jitterbug cell phone services and plans are specially designed for seniors; it allows you to get an additional subscription to health and safety services besides the call and text plans.

The Jitterbug Flip comes in two colors, red and graphite.

Jitterbug Flip colors

Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone Features

  • High brightness colored screen.
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Big buttons keypad.
  • Enhanced volume speaker.
  • Speed voice dial capability.
  • 5Star emergency alert button.
  • 2 MP camera with LED flashlight.
  • Reading magnifier.

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