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AARP discounts still one of the available options for seniors to save money on almost everything from insurance to cellular service. People over 50 can get AARP membership and enjoy AARP cell phone plans discount or AARP cell phones for Seniors and sometimes can get discounts on both the phone and the wireless service. Here we’ll preview the AARP cell phone discounts from reliable cell phone service providers and tell seniors how to get cell phone service discounts to save money. ALso, we'll tell you about the AARP landline phone service for seniors

AARP Cell Phones for seniors 2021

AARP Cell Phone Deals for Seniors

People aged 50 and older can get AARP discounts on cell phones, cell phone accessories, and even cell phone service plans. Some of the service providers like AT&T and Consumer Cellular offer exclusive discounts for AARP members.

AARP Phone Plans for Seniors 2021

Consumer Cellular AARP Deals
Consumer Cellular is the most famous cell phone company that offers AARP phone discounts for its customers who are AARP members. Consumer Cellular offers tailored cell phone plans for seniors that fit the seniors’ needs and start as little as $15 per month. It also offers specially designed cell phones and smartphones for seniors such as the Doro 7050 flip phone. Below is a list of the discounts that AARP members can get from Consumer Cellular.

AARP Consumer Cellular Discounts - What AARP members Get?
  • You get a 5 % discount on the monthly cell phone plans fees.
  • Up to 30% on cell phone accessories.
  • Extend the money-back guarantee period from 30 days to 45 days.
  • Check out Consumer Cellular phones and plans for seniors.

AT&T AARP Discounts
AARP AT&T senior discount is a 10% discount on the monthly wireless charges and doesn’t apply to the unlimited plans, overages fees, and shared plans with data packages less than 300 MB per month. Also, AARP members can get another 15% discount on specific cell phone accessories.
  • Get a $100 credit per line when buying a new phone on a qualifying installment plan.
  • Save monthly $10 per line when purchasing the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan.
  • Save up to $45 on activation and upgrade fees.

AT&T allows AARP members to save money in different ways. If you an AARP member and switch to AT&T Wireless you can get a $100 credit per line when buying a new phone on a qualifying installment plan.

Also, AT&T offers AARP cell phone service discount if you get a specific plan (the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan) you’ll get $10 monthly discount per line if your account has 5 lines or less and you’ll get $5 monthly discount per line if your account has more than 5 lines. For more information, we explained the AT&T deals for AARP members and the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan features, and pricing in the AT&T AARP discount.

AARP Cell Phones for Seniors 2021

Recommended AARP Phones for Senior Citizens - Jitterbug Phones
Like Consumer Cellular, the Jitterbug company which called GreatCall, specializes in the senior citizen’s cell phone market and offers the Jitterbug phones for seniors and also offers designed cell phone plans for seniors.

For the current time, there’re no AARP Jitterbug phone or plans discounts, but the AARP organization recommends the GreatCall’s health and safety mobile applications (which work with the Jitterbug cell phones and smartphones). So, for who ask what cell phone does AARP recommend for seniors? The answer is Jitterbug phones and smartphones are AARP recommended phones. For more information check out the AARP Jitterbug.

Sprint AARP Phone Plan Discount
Sprint offers discounts for AARP members through the Sprint discount program, to get it you have to fill out the forms for a Sprint discount program on the Sprint website. If you are eligible, you will get the discount, and your contract with Sprint will automatically extend by two years. For more information check out the Sprint AARP discount.

Cricket Wireless AARP Cell Phone Deal
Cricket Wireless offers a $20 Visa promotion card for AARP members when buying a new smartphone from Cricket. You should follow some instructions to get the Visa promotion card via mail-in rebate. You have to buy the new phone from Cricket exclusive retail locations, Cricket online shop, Cricket stores, or Cricket authorized dealer. Fill-in and postmark the rebate form within sixty days of the phone activation. Your AARP membership should be active during the rebate processing time. New customers are eligible when buying the first phone, and current customers are qualified when upgrading their phones (every 24 months). Up to five lines of service per one AARP member ID can get the AARP phone deal.

Update: the Cricket AARP deal is no longer available.

Verizon AARP Discount
For those who are asking about Verizon AARP discount, Verizon Wireless doesn’t offer discounts for AARP members but it does offer a discounted plan for people who are 55 of age and over, for more information visit the Verizon senior plan.

T-Mobile AARP Discount
For those who are asking about the T-Mobile AARP discount, T-Mobile doesn’t offer discounts for AARP members but it does offer discounted plans for people who are 55 years old and older, for more information visit the T-Mobile plans for seniors.

Tracfone AARP Cell Phone
Currently, Tracfone doesn’t offer cell phone discounts or deals for AARP members.

About AARP
AARP is the American Association of Retired Persons, which is a nonprofit organization. It was founded in 1958, and based in Washington, DC to advocate for the interests of 50 years and older people. It informs and promotes services and products with benefits for older people and seniors. This organization aims to improve over 50 year’s old peoples' life, day by day AARP successes to be a reliable source for information about the senior's discounts and needs.

As cell phones became an important tool to improve senior citizens' lives and keep them safer by calling for help in emergency cases, we focused on AARP cell phone discounts as a great option to reduce spending on cell phones. Also, some phone service providers offer AARP telephone discounts for seniors.

AARP Membership
AARP membership is a real and trusted way to save money. You can get the membership and join more than 37 million members; you can get it for less than $16 if you are in the US, if you are in Canada you will pay only $17.

AARP free phones for seniors
If you’re looking for AARP free cell phones for seniors, currently there are no AARP free phones for seniors. But you can visit the free phones for seniors section and learn about how to get a free phone with a free service plan.

AARP landline Phone Service for Seniors
If you're asking about AARP landline phone service for seniors or AARP landline phones for seniors, AARP Kansas highlighted an affordable landline phone service program for seniors. The program states that Kansas residents can save up to $17.02 a month. Kansans who live on fixed incomes or receiving benefits from government programs like public housing, Medicaid, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, may be eligible to join the state’s Lifeline program and get the monthly discount.
Check out the cheap landline phone service for seniors.

Bottom Line
Discounts on the AARP cell phones for seniors can help senior citizens to decrease their phones monthly fees when communicating with their family, friends, and when using their cell phones for safety and health care purposes. Finally, we can say the AARP cell phones are highly recommended.

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