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If you are looking for affordable cell phones for seniors, here we preview Jethro cell phones, that designed with seniors in mind and has Extra large dial pad buttons, SOS emergency button and all the regular cell phone functions provide an easy to use experience for senior citizens who don’t need smartphone features or who are generally first intimidated by technology. Jethro is one of the companies that catering the seniors wireless technology needs to enhance the seniors' lives. Let's review the Jethro mobile phones including Jethro flip phones.

Jethro mobile phone review

Jethro SC213 Cell Phone for Seniors - Jethro Flip Phone

Jethro mobile phone

Jethro SC213 is a simple flip cell phone, which can be used with any GSM service provider, such as AT&T and T-Mobile. This cell phone comes with many good features, that make it a reliable cell phone for seniors, it has a large speaking keypad, large display fonts for easy reading, enhanced volume control, programmable SOS emergency button, built in FM Radio, built in torch, camera, Bluetooth and up to 16 GB Micro SD card slot, charging dock. You can depend on this cell phone for everyday use and also emergency.

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Jethro Cell Phone for Seniors - Jethro SC118

Jethro flip phones

Jethro SC118 is easy to use cell phone for seniors; it comes with a classic cell phone shape and provides a cheap phone for seniors. It displays large, easy to read fonts, include SOS emergency button, loud speaker, built in FM Radio and torch, and support Bluetooth, charging dock. This cell phone is perfect for seniors who need a very simple to use cell phone.

Jethro ARCCI mobile Phone for Seniors

Jethro phone

Jethro ARCCI is unlocked GSM quad-band cell phone, this phone is well designed to be comfortable in use and to be a lightweight, attractive cell phone, it comes with wide clear display, easy to navigate system, large keypad buttons and large character font, SOS emergency button, loud speaker, built in FM Radio and torch, support Bluetooth and has the option to add up to 16GB Micro SD card.

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