Saturday, November 18, 2017

Here we are going to talk about the best cell phones for seniors in 2017, here we will discuss the cell phones that were designed with seniors in mind to provide an easy-to-use experience and provide safety features that can be used in the emergency cases, for sure this phones are created by companies that catering the senior market by offering a senior-friendly cell phones along with affordable plans. Let’s dive in each cell phone reviewing their features.

Doro PhoneEasy 626 - Easy-to-use Cell Phone for Seniors

Doro PhoneEasy 618

The Doro PhoneEasy 626 is an easy-to-use flip cell phone from Consumer Cellular and is recommended as on of the best cell phones for seniors, the Consumer Cellular company targeting the senior market and its phones come with many features to help seniors to comfortably use their phones. The Doro PhoneEasy 626 cares with seniors safety and provides a good feature like:
  • Big easy-to-use keypad buttons, speed dial buttons.
  • High contrast color screen with large font, and external display screen to show notifications.
  • Loud speaker phone for loud calls.
  • Hands free via Bluetooth.
  • Easy-to-access emergency button.
  • 3.2 megapixel camera.
As you see this senior cell phone combines between safety options and some of the advanced options such as the digital camera and bluetooth technology, this cell phone will cost you $50 .

Jitterbug Flip - Best Flip Phones for Seniors

Jitterbug flip - best cell phones for seniors

This cell phone is one of the best cell phones for seniors provided from GreatCall, this flip cell phone is manufactured by Samsung and is designed to cater to the seniors needs, it provides many good features that make it easy to use such as:
  • Easy to deal with the big numbers, backlit dialing keypad.
  • Has a voice dialing capabilities to make calls by your voice.
  • High contrast color screen with big, bright numbers, that makes it easy to see and read.
  • Additional external screen.
  • More easy by using Yes or No buttons to access the phone option and menus.
  • Amplified speaker for louder calls, hands free listening and talking and are hearing aid compatible.
  • Long life battery.
This senior friendly cell phone will cost you $99. As GreatCall Wireless cater to the needs of the senior citizens, it also offers affordable plans with 5Star Urgent Response service, by press the 5 button and the star button on your Jitterbug keypad, you’ll connect immediately to a Response Agent to help you as 24/7 Monitoring Service.

Snapfōn ezTWO3G - Large Button Cell Phones for Seniors


Snapfon is one of the companies that catering the seniors market and create the Snapfon ezTWO3G cell phone which is designed with seniors in mind, it is an easy-to-use phone for seniors that comes with big buttons, emergency alert button, and has many other features like:
  • Speaking keypad with big, easy to read and easy to activate buttons, and also has 8 Speed Dial Keys.
  • Loud speaker phone for louder calls and is Hearing Aid Compatible.
  • Low Battery Warning System and very simple menus.
  • SOS Emergency Alert, you can use to alert up to 5 responders by voice and text messages or to alert who is near you by a siren in emergency cases.
  • High power LED flashlight.
  • Check out the Snapfon ezTWO full review

Also Snapfon offers a low cost plans that provide one button press to connect you to its 24/7 Mobile Monitoring Service.

You can get the ezTWO3G for free if you participate in any of the Snapfon plans and you will also pay $35 activation fee for one time. Also, you can get the ezTWO3G unlocked to be used with a service of your choice for $79.99.

JUST5 Brick - Special-designed Cell Phones for Seniors


The Just5 Brick is a well designed cell phone for seniors, it operates on GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile or any other compatible GSM carrier, this phone can not be used with CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint. The Just5 phone is a basic cell phone for seniors that has big buttons and SOS emergency button that can be easily activated at the emergency and can care with the important senior's needs.
  • Speaking keypad with big, easy to activate buttons.
  • Loudspeakers and is hearing aid compatible.
  • Built in LED flashlight.
  • FM Radio that works without using the earphones.
  • Long life battery up to 8 hours in talking.
  • SOS Emergency Alert button, you can use to alert up to 5 responders by text messages ,then start calling them one by one.

Ownfone - Simple Cell Phones for Seniors


Ownfone features
  • Big and 3D printed buttons, click on the picture or the text to make calls.
  • The handset comes in many colors.
  • Up to 12 contact buttons.
  • A button to activate the speaker phone function.
  • Long life battery.
  • Emergency Alert button.
This list of the best cell phones for seniors 2017 will be updated as a new cell phones for seniors launched and deserve to join the list.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Smartphones for seniors became available now, since many manufactures are designing a simplified smart phones with senior citizens in mind and making consideration of their limited experience with the modern technology. As more seniors are going to use smart phones for socialization with their family and friends and also other features like monitoring their medications, here we will preview some of the smartphones for seniors.

Jitterbug Touch3

best smartphones for seniors - Jitterbug Touch3

The Jitterbug Touch3 is a simple, smart cell phone launched by GreatCall company, is a company that provides services for seniors and health care, this phone has a simple design with user friendly interface that allow seniors to easily deal with the phone and use the services attached to the phone such as health care and notification of emergencies.

Samsung Touch3 is one of the best smart cell phones for seniors since it’s designed to keep seniors safe and healthy by making them easily monitored by their family and easily access to the customer services and medical care services.

This Samsung smart touch phone runs on Android operating system, is one of the best smartphones for seniors that you can get it for $169.99.

Pantech Flex

Is another ideal smartphone for seniors that runs on Android operating system and provide a good features for elder users through the Easy Experience mode, which provides a simple user interface with easy to read fonts and quick access to the phone menus and shortcuts, rather than providing common features like voice dialing and commands, text prediction.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

AT&T cell phone plans for seniors
Here we preview the famous AT&T senior plan which called the AT&T senior nation 200 plan and for who are asking for AT&T cell phones for seniors, there's a review for the suitable AT&T cell phones for seniors including the LG b470 flip phone. The AT&T Wireless senior nation 200 plan is a popular cell phone plan for seniors offered by one of the major, reliable nationwide cell phone providers. This plan is targeted the 65 years old and older citizens and offers a low price talking plan which can be extended to contain a separate message plan or data plan or both if needed. We will discuss the talk, message and the data plan features and fees.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The available Verizon senior plan is called the Verizon nationwide 65 plus plan, which is a two years contract cell phone plan for seniors offered by the Verizon Wireless, which is one of the major four cell phone providers in the United States. The nationwide coverage and the network stability make the Verizon senior plan one of the popular senior phone plans. This plan is offered to 65 years old and older senior citizens to achieve their needs. Older people usually need few minutes and rarely use the text messaging service. The Verizon nationwide 65 plus plan offers low price minutes as the essential package with the option to add a separate text message plan if you need to send and receive messages or data plan if you need to surf the web or stream videos. Also we'll preview the Verizon cell phones for seniors including many flip phones for seniors.

Verizon Wireless Nationwide 65 Plus Plan

Sunday, October 1, 2017

AARP discounts still one of the available options for seniors to save money on almost everything from insurance to cellular service. People over 50 can get AARP membership and enjoy AARP cell phone plans discount or AARP phones for Senior Citizens and sometimes can get discounts on both the phone and the wireless service. Here we’ll preview the AARP cell phone discounts from reliable cell phone service providers such as Consumer Cellular, AT&T Wireless, and Cricket Wireless. Also, we’ll tell you how to get discounts from Verizon Wireless, and will declare many facts of the AARP Jitterbug phone.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

GreatCall Jitterbug Cell Phone Plans
Find out the available GreatCall cell phone plans; the Jitterbug service provider that offers monthly prepaid plans for seniors and health & safety services for affordable prices.

Friday, March 10, 2017

As Consumer Cellular targets the seniors' cell phone market, here we are going to talk about the Consumer Cellular phones for seniors. Consumer Cellular doesn’t have a wide cell phone selection when compared to the major cell phone providers Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. This company offers phones from the basic phones to the Android and iPhone devices. If you are looking for senior friendly phones, designed with seniors in mind; Consumer Cellular is one of your fewest choices, it offers basic and simplified smartphones with many senior-friendly features. Let’s preview the Consumer Cellular phones for seniors showing their features, prices, the Easypay service offered by Consumer Cellular, and Consumer Cellular plans.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

This article is created to answer some frequently asked questions about the Jitterbug phones, and Verizon Wireless network and service.
Here we’ll discuss topics about Verizon Jitterbug 2017 such as :
Is jitterbug compatible with Verizon?
What network does Jitterbug phone use?
Is jitterbug CDMA or GSM?
How much is Jitterbug Plan a month?
What is a Jitterbug cell phone?
What is the Jitterbug smartphone?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Many senior citizens and AT&T customers are asking about using Jitterbug phones and smartphones with AT&T wireless service. If you're asking about
  • Jitterbug phone AT&T.
  • Jitterbug Smartphone AT&T.
  • Use Jitterbug phone with AT&T service.
Here you'll find the answer for the previous topics and hints about the available AT&T cell phones for seniors.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

If you’re an AAA member, you can get AAA cell phone discount and reduce your monthly fees. The AAA is the American Automobile Association, Inc., which is a federation of affiliated automobile clubs and each AAA club is an independent, non-profit organization. Below we’ll show you the available AAA cell phone plans, and discounts.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Doro PhoneEasy 626 is a comfortable cell phone for seniors who have problems to hear, read or deal with regular cell phones available in the market. Doro is a leader company in easy to use cell phones for seniors, As Doro PhoneEasy cell phones, the phone is designed to be easier to use for seniors as well as anyone who struggle with technology. Doro PhoneEasy 626 include features to help the users in emergency situations like the emergency SOS buttons, which can be easily activated calling for help.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

AARP cell phone discounts are a better way to save money and reduce the cell phone bill, we will show you how to get Sprint AARP discount. Unlike Verizon Wireless or AT&T Wireless; Sprint doesn’t have cell phone plans for seniors, but you can receive a discount if you have a senior membership such as AARP.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Jitterbug Flip is so easy-to-use cell phone for seniors from GreatCall that comes with a larger screen and big buttons, it’s even easier to dial. There’s also a 5star button on the keypad, so you can always get help anytime 24/7. Service starts as low as $14.99 a month, and many health and Medicare services are available.